Although there are many reasons to join SHPE here are the top five!

  1. Networking

    You’ve heard it plenty of times by now. It’s all about who you know. Growing your network is invaluable when looking for a job, a sale, or a donation. Through SHPE you can meet countless individuals who have a passion for community service.

  2. Professional Development

    After you graduate and go out into the workforce, you can continue to improve your skills and experiences through SHPE. With programs like RLDC, NILA, and ELI, you’ll always have access to powerful resources to help your career.

  3. Events

    From small social gatherings to large conferences and everything in between, SHPE has you covered. From the most intimate Summer BBQ to the largest Hispanic Technical Conference in the nation. SHPE Familia has your back.

  4. Community Outreach

    One of SHPE’s main focuses is to empower our communities. Each chapter holds multiple events throughout the year, educating and inspiring our youth. Imagine over 300 chapters, each holding two or three community events per year. Priceless.

  5. Mentoring

    Connect with other college students and hundreds of Professionals, all at your fingertips. Gain valuable experience from our Professional Members. They’ve been there, and they have a LOT to share!


Quotes from Members

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